The Importance of Participati

Textbook Readings:

  • Lee, Neeley & Stewart, Chapter 11: Internal Public Relations for Personal and Program Success
  • Mergel Chapter 8: Participation 2.0
  • Mergel Chapter 9: Collaboration 2.0

External Video:…


By the mid-week deadline, answer each of the prompts with 3 paragraphs using concepts and citations from the text or your own research.


“You may be doing wonderful work, but if people do not know about it or understand its value, you are not changing their perceptions of public relations.”

When I used to work at the Massachusetts State House, as a Legislative Director, I always believed that the work of the State Rep. was important, many good things that happened behind the scenes and the hard work that was done for the greater good and was mostly unknown by the public, because we didn’t have a functional outlet to portray the work . One of the questions I asked myself was how do I capture the work being done and portray it to the constituents. I began creating a social media presence, reaching out to the media in the locality and also the macro Massachusetts news stations, Newspapers , familiarized myself with media contacts, created an email database for E newsletters, and made sure that meetings on various issues were captured in terms of a photograph that could be posted as an image on social media with a blurb. Everything that we worked THEN had a presence on social media. My motto was if there is no photo or post, it didn’t happen. ..That was almost ten years ago, and nothing has changed in that regard. In fact, PR now plays an even more essential and crucial role, and is actually necessary to communicate with the public and also stay relevant. I’m referring to political officials in my experience above, however the work of municipalities and state/federal agencies needs to be shared via Participation 2.0. The question becomes, HOW effective can Participation 2.0 BE, without a dynamic organizational culture that welcomes Collaboration 2.0?


1. Based on Chapter 11, please discuss below the public relations management functions as listed by the PRSA National Assembly, what specifically stood out to you the most when reviewing the functions? Why?

2. Discuss the differences between (external )Participation 2.0 & (internal) Collaboration 2.0 and their relevancy in PR.

3. Per their (MMA) website, “For 40 years, the Massachusetts Municipal Association has been bringing municipal officials together to articulate a clear and united municipal message, to develop and advocate for unified policies, and to share information and work together to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal service delivery. In short, the MMA is the voice of cities and towns in Massachusetts.”

In the fall of 2020, Councillors discussed the EFFECTIVE USE of social media. This is a constant popular topic, and this presentation/video reviews the importance of digital technology and communication with the public.

Based on the video & PP presentation, what are the major takeaways? Did you learn anything new about social media usage on the local level?

Few things to be mindful of:

1. Please provide foundational background and detail as well as resources for your opinions & statements. ***Never assume the reader understands your POV, always explain it.

2. Please make sure you complete a Works Cited at the conclusion of your posts

3. Make sure you are answering all of the questions in the prompt with complete answers

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