The Historical and Cultural Significance of American Mall

  • You should rely on AT LEAST 2 primary resources for the paper, demonstrate a thorough coverage of the relevant secondary literature WITH AT LEAST 4 ACADEMIC SOURCES, and link your ideas directly to readings in our class.

    The research paper should be a minimum of 3750 words exclusive of front and back matter (the paper in total should not exceed 5000 words). It should include a title page, reference citations with footnotes (from multiple sources), and a bibliography.

    Footnotes are required for the reference citations, and all sources, as well as the corresponding bibliography, must conform to Turabian’ s Manual for Writers of Term Papers style for notes and references. Substantial research other than the required course readings is necessary. The bibliography and reference citations are not to be included in the word count. NOTE: Internet sources (web sites) should be rarely used, if ever. Exceptions are scholarly websites and documents available through the APUS Online Library (Wikipedia is not considered a valid academic source).

    Your research paper will be graded according the the rubric attached.

    I will submit all of the final papers into Turnitin which is a plagiarism checker. If I find evidence of plagiarism, I will give you a zero for the paper. To ensure this does not happen make sure you familiarize yourself with the meanings of plagiarism (see the policies section of this syllabus), take careful steps in your note taking process to avoid a potential for a mistaken plagiarism, and then finally submit your own paper to TurniIin prior to the course deadline. This review will serve as an important check for you.

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