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you will discuss the merits of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Colombia from the perspectives of the actors involved: the U.S. government, the government of Colombia, a Latin American labor group, and an American policy think tank. In the paper, your group will offer suggestions regarding how a successful trade agreement might be structured to address the concerns of the participants. You should read all the perspectives and address all questions below. you should discuss the merits of the free trade agreements from all the four perspectives.

What are the main elements (at least three) of your character’s message or point of view regarding the trade treaty?
What are the most convincing things (examples, facts, opinions, statistics) your character could say to make his/her case? 1) USTR, 2) Cassidy. 3) RECALCA, and 4) Colombian Ministry of Commerce
Identify three things that RECALCA would say to the Colombian Ministry of Commerce.
How would the Ministry of Commerce respond to RECALCA?
Identify three things Cassidy would say to the USTR.
How would the USTR respond to Cassidy?
Based on what you learned in this course, what advice would you give to the governments of Colombia and the United States regarding the TPA?
What lessons about trade policy can you draw from this debate?
All papers should be 5-pages, including references, double-spaced, Times or Arial font, with APA style citations and formatting.

Federal Perspective

American think tank perspective…

Latin American Labor Perspective…

Latin American Government Perspective

File Colombia-US Trade Agreement Summary – Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism.pdf (245.738 KB)
File False Expectations of Trade Agreements Lessons for Change.pdf (169.238 KB)
File Free Trade Agreement and Labor Rights.pdf (970.581 KB)
File Free Trade Debate Study Guide.doc (53.5 KB)
File The Case for the U.S. – Columbia Free Trade Agreement.pdf (25.292 KB)
File U.S. – Columbia Trade Promotion Agreement.pdf (27.514 KB)
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