This assignment will allow you to gain a better understanding of how to enter a conversation—by understanding the discourse community, the language being used, and the context in which it takes place. It will help you move from analyzing genres to creating a text within a genre that you have studied. It will strengthen your skills in crafting an argument within a public scene to achieve specific rhetorical goals. Bear in mind that these will be posted publically (to the class), so you should be aware of your audience when writing it. You will also strengthen skills in maintaining ongoing conversations to assist others and receive constructive feedback in your work. PREWRITING TASKS (40 POINTS)

A. One page proposal (20 points)
a. MLA, 12pt. Times New Roman double-spaced (Any proposals not following these directions will not receive points for this task.
B. Annotated Bibliography (20 points)
a. Five sources, annotated. One paragraph summarizing the content in the source and the way you believe it can be used in your fan fiction.
b. MLA, 12pt. Times New Roman double-spaced
c. These sources can be anything that you believe would/could be useful in writing your fan fiction. This includes fan wikis, Wikipedia pages, academic sources, historical sources, biographies, random tidbits of information that may help you to set, characterize, and write. The range is endless. However, the frame and limitation is that this information must have something to do with where you believe your writing will go in your fan fictions. FAN FICTION POST (40 POINTS)

Based on prior knowledge and things you’ve learned in this section concerning joining conversations, you will:
C. Write fan fiction that enters the fandom of your choice. The guidelines are listed below:
a. The fan fiction post(s) must be at least 1,000 words long. They can be longer, if you just can’t resistIt’s tempting to write 3,000 – 4,000 word chapters. Just bear in mind that others will be reading these and also consider how quickly this unit will be moving. Believe me, you think you won’t want to write that much, but once you get going you can write up to 7,000 words.
b. It can enter any fandom— movies, television shows, music, games, sports teams, celebrities, even historical events, just to name a few options. If you are concerned about whether or not your fandom will work, ask me. I’ll be happy to help with brainstorming.
c. The fan fiction can be written in prose or script format. Prose should consist of thick descriptions (remember details are the bread and butter of writing). Script format should include things such as camera angles, lighting, scene, and character descriptions (if possible). This way, they both equal out to the same amount of work. 1,000 words are required regardless of which format you choose.
d. You can write any sort of plot line, so long as you show an awareness of the original text. No fan fictions that would receive above a PG-13 rating will be allowed. If I see such content, your fan fiction will be removed from the class wiki and I will contact you regarding future action.
e. Do not plagiarize your fan fiction. I know the realms of fan fiction like the back of my hand. If you steal a story from somewhere on the internet, I will find it. You will receive a failing grade on the whole project.
f. Late posting of fan fiction will lose half the points. More than 24 hours late will equal 0 points. REVIEWS (EXTERNAL 20 POINTS)

You will write fanfic reviews for the members of your writing group. Groups will be assigned. This response will act as a part of the conversation within the class blog. I will show how these reviews are to be done during class time. Discuss what you feel the author did well, where you felt they could have improved. Support your points with evidence from the fan fictions. If you know the fandom, point out aspects that you recognized or you feel could have been employed more. Do not be vague! Give some detail in your responses. The responses should be a paragraph (at least 250 words) in length. These reviews should be posted on the class Wiki under the fanfic they are in reference to. Directions will be given in class. RHETORICAL REFLECTION PAPER (100 POINTS)
The reflection paper should be 4 pages minimum, but this can be as long as you like. It should discuss the rhetorical choices you made within your posts—ethos, logos, and pathos. Discuss why you made the choices you made concerning characterization, setting, writing style, dialogue, and so on. You should locate yourself within the conversation you entered—such the intertextuality between the fandom and fan fiction. Discuss the language you used (jargon, dialect, slang). Most importantly, explain whether or not you feel that your post was effective in entering a conversation as well as where you feel you might have executed the posts better.

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