The Decision Making Process

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The Decision Making Process

Managers are constantly making decisions, often having to choose from several alternatives. This assignments helps you learn how to apply the steps in the rational decision making process.


  1. Think about a decision you’ve recently made where you had to choose from several different options.
  2. Write a description of this decision using the stages in the Rational Decision Making Process (Pg,242) as your guide.
  3. Do you think either of the Non-Rational models were a factor in your decision? Or, do you find that a Bias was present? Explain.
  4. Reflect on your decision making process – what did you learn? Was this a good decision, or a bad one? What happened during the decision making process that made it a good/bad decision? What would you do differently next time?

Responses copied from an internet source, out of the text, or from homework sites earn no credit, as they are a violation of College Academic Integrity Policy.

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