The company CW Directo has a p

The company CW Directo has a policy in which a customer who receives a product has up to 30 days to return it, obtaining a full refund of their money. Company records show that the customer returns the product within the first 10 days 3% of the time. Once the 10 days have elapsed, 5% of the customers return the product during the next 10 days (that is, before reaching 20 days of receiving it). Finally, 7% return the product just before the 30 days are up looking for the your money back.
4.1 How many states best describe the system?
4.2 How many absorbing states are there?
4.3 What is the fraction of new products that are returned?
4.4 The product costs $ 500 and 10,000 products are sold per year. If the time in which the customer can request a refund is reduced to 20 days, how much money will be saved in returns?

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