The case itself presents a problem scenario which must be aIDressed as presented.

The case itself presents a problem scenario which must be aIDressed as presented.

Your task of determining whether the company managing its resources and capabilities effectively given the challenging circumstances or problems implied or stated in the case as written.  The assessment requires careful consideration of concepts and theory covered in the course overall.  Ensure you make use of concepts, theories and frameworks.

Main Criteria:

External analysis of Netflix’s
SWOT : Strenght weakness opportunities & threats

please link the theory with the exmaples in the case.

Important to take into Criteria when doing the assignment and MUST be aIDressed along with the main criteria :

Application of relevant theories , strategic management, goals, leadership and values. The description of Netflix strategic issues  and goals is theoretically supported. Demonstrate an understanding of key influences, values and systems and objectives is clearly linked and argued in terms of change in managerial growth

Application of relevant theories to pertinent to a full case analysis and report of corporate and business level activity. Defines Netflixs business strategy to a high level of accuracy with theory concepts and frame work discuss ongoing

competitor actions and demonstrate how pas behavior is liey to influence competitive response . Netflixs critical strategies issues goals and appropriately detailed include measures of success  pertinent to the movie rental industry.

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