The article “Validation of the

The article “Validation of the Rockport Fitness Walking Test in College Males and Females” (Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 1994: 152–158) recommended the following estimated regression equation for relating y  VO2max (L/min, a measure of cardiorespiratory fitness) to the predictors x1  gender (female  0, male  1), x2  weight (lb), x3  1-mile walk time (min), and x4  heart rate at the end of the walk (beats/min):

a. How would you interpret the estimated coefficient b3  .0996?

b. How would you interpret the estimated coefficient b1  .6566?

c. Suppose that an observation made on a male whose weight was 170 lb, walk time was 11 min, and heart rate was 140 beats/min resulted in VO2max  3.15. What would you have predicted for VO2in this situation, and what is the value of the corresponding residual?

d. Using SSResid  30.1033 and SSTo  102.3922, what proportion of observed variation in VO2max can be attributed to the model relationship?

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