The article “The Gap Between W

The article “The Gap Between Wine Expert Ratings and Consumer Preferences” (Intl. J. of Wine Business Res., 2008: 335–351) studied differences between expert and consumer ratings by considering medal ratings for wines: gold (G), silver (S), or bronze (B). Three categories were then established:

1. Rating is the same [(G,G), (B,B), (S,S)].

2. Rating differs by one medal [(G,S), (S,G), (S,B), (B,S)].

3. Rating differs by two medals [(G,B), (B,G)].

The observed frequencies for these three categories were 69, 102, and 45, respectively. On the hypothesis of equally likely expert ratings and consumer ratings being assigned completely by chance, each of the 9 medal pairs has probability 1y9. Carry out an appropriate chi-squared test using a significance level of .10.

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