The article “Hydrogeochemical

The article “Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Groundwater in a Mid-Western Coastal Aquifer Sys-teem” (S. Jene, J. Kim, et al., Geosciences Journal, 2001:339–348) presents measurements of various properties of shallow groundwater in a certain aquifer system in Korea. Following are measurements of electrical conductivity (in micro siemens per centimetre) for 23 water samples.

a. Find the mean.

 b. Find the standard deviation.

 c. Find the median.

 d. Construct a dot plot.

e. Find the 10% trimmed mean.

f. Find the first quartile.

 g. Find the third quartile.

h. Find the interquartile range.

I. Construct a boxplot.

 j. Which of the points, if any, are outliers?

 k. If a histogram were constructed, would it be skewed to the left, skewed to the right, or approx.-irately symmetric?

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