The article “An Assessment of

The article “An Assessment of the Effects of Treatment, Time, and Heat on the Removal of Erasable Pen Marks” (J. Testing and Eval., 1991: 394–397) reports the following sums of squares for the response variable “degree of removal of marks” (larger values of this variable are associated with more complete removal of marks): SSA   39.171, SSB   .665, SSC   21.508, SS(AB)   1.432, SS(AC)   15.953, SS(BC)   1.382, SS(ABC)   9.016, and SSE   115.820. Four different laundry treatments (factor A), three different types of pen (factor B), and six different fabrics (factor C) were used in the experiment. Three observations were obtained for each combination of the factor levels. Perform an analysis of variance using ­  .01 for all tests, and state your conclusions.

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