Assignment 2: Theories of Crime

In the United States, policy makers, law enforcement personnel, government officials, and many others work to develop laws and programs aimed at preventing crime and also reacting to crimes that have occurred. In developing these programs and policies, it is important to understand the types of people who commit certain crimes as well as the rationale behind criminal behavior.

In your role as a consultant to the city of Centervale, you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge about the theories of crime.

Submission Details:

By Saturday, June 13, 2017, in a minimum of 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your response to the following:

  • Briefly describe a newsworthy crime that occurred in your own area.
  • Select the theory of crime that you think best fits this crime situation.
  • Based on your textbook readings, explain the theory and why it is the best fit.

Discussion Grading Criteria and Rubric

All discussion assignments in this course will be graded using a rubric. This assignment is worth 40 points. Download the discussion rubric and carefully read it to understand the expectations.

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