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Choose two of the stories to write a three-part compare and contrast essay. Choose the stories from the following: Trifles, “The Story of an Hour,” and “A Rose for Emily” (the stories will be attached later)

 1. The essay must be clearly organized. 

2. Focus on smooth transitions that help illuminate the relationships between the ideas in the paper. 

3. Type your paper using MLA format in Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced, with 1” margins. Use a proper MLA heading and remove all extra spaces (set line spacing to zero, not auto). 

4. At least three full pages. Not including works cited page. 

Analyze two of the literary works by comparing/contrasting elements of the stories. Remember, the goal is not  simply to compare two of the stories, but to find an element to analyze, and then use compare and contrast to find deeper  meaning in the stories.  You may choose any element that is applicable, for example, you may choose to write about setting in “A Rose for Emily” and in  Trifles. This is an element that can be compared/contrasted to each other: In “A Rose for Emily” the setting is a southern town  soon after the Civil War, where traditions are trying to hold on, yet time is moving forward. This is important to the story because  it sets up how the townsfolk treat Emily as well as being a commentary on how difficult it may have been for southern towns to  move forward after the Civil War (and Emily herself is symbolic of those traditions). Whereas, in Trifles the setting is another  small town, in the dead of winter, where the cold weather is a metaphor for a cold marriage. Setting is important to both of  these stories, yet it is important in different ways. You can expand on the ways setting is important, and how it effects each story  (thus, comparing and contrasting the setting in them both). Setting isn’t the only option – you could talk about the notion of love  and being loved (Think about how in “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard does not lack love, her husband loves her, her family  loves her, everyone seems to be very loving, yet she still feels trapped in her life. But, in “A Rose for Emily” Emily lacks love, and  so she decides that she will find and keep the person that she loves, one way or another). You could discuss gender roles, the  importance of social connections, death, symbolism (birdcages in Trifles, the “rose” in “A Rose for Emily”)… the choice is yours.  These are just suggestions, you are welcome to come up with your own as well. 

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