Texas A & M International Waste Management Regulation Compliance Response Paper

Question Description

Auto body shops typically generate several kinds of waste, including waste cleaning solvents, contaminated rags/wipes/absorbents, used car batteries, mercury switches, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, paint stripper, unused or leftover paint, used oil, antifreeze, metal scraps, and sanding or grinding dusts that may contain metals and/or paint.

If you were asked to provide consultation for an owner of an auto body shop in your home state that generates each of these materials, identify a stepwise process for the business owner to address each of the above-listed types of waste. Consider putting your response in the form of a checklist, questions, or in a decision tree in an “if” and “then” format. For example, “Does the paint stripper include chemicals that meet the criteria for hazardous waste?” “If yes, for what characteristic?” and then describe the different procedures given the specific characteristics that might be present. Another option is to provide your response in a table format with columns of information for each waste material. Be sure to identify in what state or other jurisdiction you are consulting, as regulations are different in each state and jurisdiction. For example, used oil may be regulated as solid waste, or it may be considered hazardous waste, depending on your location.

Your response should be in APA format including a title page and a reference page. An abstract is not required for this assignment. The body of your paper (not including title or reference page) should be approximately 2-3 pages.

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