Texas A & M International University Ultimate Aero Products Analysis Essay

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Ultimate Aero Products

Ultimate Aero Products is a fairly new manufacturing company in the aviation and aerospace products supplier industry. The company has been growing quickly and is now being challenged by increased absenteeism, worker injuries, and diminished quality. Ima D. Boss was recently hired as the Human Resources Director at Ultimate Aero Products. Previously, the administrative assistant to the company CEO performed basic human resource roles; however, with the recent growth of the company over the last 8 months (increased employees from 37 to 90 employees, added a second shift, and doubled production operations), she was unable to perform her duties and complete the human resource operations. Thus, a decision was made to hire a Human Resources Director. Within this company, this new position now has oversight for human resources, payroll, benefits, risk and insurance management, and safety management. Ima recently hired three employees to assist with administering all these programs. However, none of these employees have experience in occupational safety and health.

You are a safety and health consultant with a company that specializes in occupational safety, human resources, and occupational health psychology. You have been hired by Ima to assist Ultimate Aero Products with establishing a strategic direction for occupational safety management within the human resources department. During your first meeting with Ima and the three human resource department employees, you determine the following:

  • Employee wages are about 18-20% less than the other manufacturers in the region.
  • The company does have a health insurance program for its employees but no vision or dental plan, and the cost is nearly double the average premium rate in the region.
  • Hiring procedures before Ima arrived were not well established and hiring of personnel was not very selective.
  • Leadership within the company, which basically included the CEO and his brother (plant manager), was passive as they did not address safety until there was an injury or problem.
  • There are no formal job training or safety training programs, and most workers were expected to learn by working with a co-worker for the first day.
  • There are no alcohol or drug use policies.
  • There are no formalized departments or work groups, and employees are directly managed by the CEO and his brother, the plant manager.
  • During a walk through the plant, you noticed employees were not using required personal protective equipment and were not exhibiting safety-related behaviors.
  • You interviewed a few of the employees, and the employees commented that the CEO and his brother generally did not support safety and were not committed to safety.
  • During the interviews with employees, workers commented that communication was poor between supervisors and employees and that communication was also poor between workers.
  • During interviews with the employees, many workers stated that stress with their job has increased because of increased production pressures.

After reading the Case Study Scenario, complete this assignment.

Before you begin to address specific workplace hazards, Ima and his group have several questions about the influence of human resources and leadership on occupational safety. Please answer their questions.

Ima states/asks:

1.Do you think our current human resource offerings are impacting worker safety and health outcomes, particularly injury outcomes? Please explain, justify, and support your response.

2.Our CEO and his brother are extremely busy and are not involved at this time. They are very passive, especially with regard to safety and human resource practices, programs, and unsafe worker behaviors. What is the influence of their leadership style on safety outcomes? What do you suggest we do with regard to leadership?

3.At a recent conference, I overheard some of my colleagues talking about commitment-based safety and control-based safety. Please explain and differentiate between these methods or philosophies and recommend which approach we should take here at Ultimate Aero Products.

4.Based on your knowledge of our operations and programs and your expertise in occupational health psychology and safety (see textbook readings and internet resources), suggest three initiatives that we should undertake to promote occupational safety within the organization. Please explain these choices, justify your selections, and support how these initiatives will promote or impact occupational safety within our organization.