Texas A & M International University Radioisotope Deuterium Research

Question Description
By the second day of this module week, claim one radioisotope that you will be researching and sharing in the forum. A few examples are Carbon-14, Krypton-85, and Iodine-131.

This is a first-come, first-serve assignment (no duplicates), so claim your radioisotope as soon as possible in this discussion forum by submitting a post with the radioisotope and your name.

Once you have claimed your radioisotope, post your answers to the following questions, please complete your initial post no later than the fourth day of this module week.

You will post answers to the following questions:

What is the name of your radioisotope and what are its key properties? include the physical form (particulate or gas), type of radiation emitted (alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray, neutron), and radioactive half-life.
How is your radioisotope used (i.e., medicine, industry, consumer products, military, etc.) and why is it so well suited for this application? Be sure to indicate if your radioisotope is in solution (medical cocktail) or in a device (nuclear gauge, handheld lead analyzer, etc.).
What controls or protective measures are required to minimize your radiation exposure/dose for the form and type of radiation emitted from your solution or device (shielding, protective clothing, etc.), and is it an internal or external hazard, or both?
What portable instruments or other methods (leak test, liquid scintillation counter) are useful in detecting/measuring the radiation from your device?
What is a personal dosimetry badge, and would you be required to wear one while handling your radioisotope and device? Read this helpful information about dosimetry solutions (Landauer). (Links to an external site.)
Can you share a case study where your radioisotope was involved in an accident or incident where there was harm to humans or the environment?
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