Texas A & M International University Operations Hazard Analysis Worksheet

Question Description

In Hagan’s Accident Prevention Manual text, refer to Figure 9-3 (Operations Hazard Analysis Table) on page 205. Use this table template to complete the following:

  1. Select 3 processes typically found in Industrial Manufacturing and 3 processes typically found in Construction and list these in column one of the Operations Hazard Analysis Table template.
    Please note that a sample of one process is already provided in the table to show the format and level of detail required to complete the assignment.
  2. Complete the remaining 9 columns of the table template for each of the 6 selected processes. These columns include:
    • Process
    • Operational Step
    • Task
    • Source of Potential Hazard
    • Triggering Event
    • Potential Effect on Equipment, Material Environment
    • Personal Injury, Property Damage
    • Risk Assessment Code (RAC)
    • Procedural Requirements
    • Safety and P.P.E.

Hint: The following OSHA links have samples of hazards associated with different work areas and equipment and may be a good starting point for this assignment:

By completing the table, you will demonstrate your ability to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, prevent and control workplace safety and occupational health hazards within the manufacturing and construction industries.

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