Texas A & M International Safety Culture Environmental Article Summary

Question Description

What is the main thing that safety and health professionals can do to enhance or socially engineer a positive safety culture/safety climate within an organization? Explain and support your response.


Read the following articles:

If you are in the US, view the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center State-by-State Regulated Medical Waste Resource Locator, (Links to an external site.) and select your state. If you are outside the US or Canada, research medical waste regulations where you are.

Complete the following:

  • Summarize briefly (do not copy) the definition of medical or biomedical waste in your jurisdiction. Is the definition complicated or straightforward?
  • Summarize briefly (do not copy) generator requirements, if any.
  • Identify an industry or business outside the healthcare profession that might need to manage medical waste. What challenges do employers and business owners have when managing medical waste?

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