Texas A & M International Permitting Requirements & Occupational Safety and Health Paper

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PART 1: NPDES Permitting Requirements

Find an example or a case study of a facility or development that has successfully implemented a Low Impact Development or Green Infrastructure project. Summarize (do not copy) some key aspects of the project. How can your employer or a selected industry incorporate some of these principles? Is it cost effective? Should cost play a role? Separate reference from part 2.

PART 2: Psychology of Occupational Safety and Health

Choose a psychosocial or organizational factor or variable that was not already addressed in this module (e.g. work-family conflict, co-worker support for safety, trust, etc.). Discuss its influence on or association with worker safety behaviors and/or worker safety, health, and well-being and/or other workplace safety and health outcomes. Be sure to fully identify your factor or variable and provide a full explanation of the influence or association. Lastly, discuss how this information could be used by safety and health professionals. Be sure to cite and reference the information presented. Choose a factor or variable that is different from your fellow students. Do not repeat work that has already been presented.