(Term Project) CE 5350- Risk Management

I’m working on a Engineering exercise and need support.

I have attached the project. I need option 2 please if possible.

You have two options to work on your term project:

Option#1: Use the information that is provided in the file and answer the questions.

Option #2: Use any other project by your own and answer the same questions but by using different information from the selected project. If you select this option, you will get +25 bonus points. Please make sure to provide sufficient information, project description, data, assumptions, and the reference to let me find the project you selected and verify your data if needed.

This is your term project and not an assignment, thus, while you are answering the questions, you need to submit it as a professional technical report (see sample of a technical report). *** (I have attached the sample of a technical report).

Please type your answers and submit your file in Word or PDF file only.

* No plagiarism at all and I need professional work please.

Thank you!

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