Term Paper

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Select at

least three


articles that discuss the economic concept that you chose as a topic for

your term paper.

At least one


article should be dated

within the previous two months


Please note that the goal of this assignment is to read, understand, and discuss recent news

using microeconomic terminology. The articles should be from an on-line newspaper or

magazine. Materials posted on educational websites, like



, and so on, are not considered news articles even if they were

recently updated and contain material related to the term paper topic.

The Term paper should have the following structure:



(0.5 of a page) – the short description of the concepts, problems, questions

discussed in the Term paper.



(0.5 of a page) (optional)


Literature Review

(about 2 pages) – please compare and contrast the opinions of the

authors of the articles, present the important information, data, statistics to support your

conclusions. It is important that the Literature review is written in your own words with

small quotes from the article. All quotes must have references in APA format.



(about 2 pages) –

Your task for this part of the Term paper is to analyze the

issue described in the articles using the economic concepts and theory learned in this


Refer to the course content materials and use specific economic vocabulary within

your term paper.

The articles you choose may not use these exact terms; therefore, it is

incumbent upon you to convert the article language into economic language as is


Include at least one graph developed in our course.



(0.5 of a page)

The Term paper should be the title page and sub-titles that correspond to the

structure described above.

Please note the Term paper should be written

in your own words.

You can use short quotes from

the article(s) to support your statements. However the size of these quotes should be reduced to


No more than 20% of the text of the term paper should be made up of quotes.

(less is better!!!)


Please also avoid copying the materials from any textbooks, including our textbook.



e aware that Wikipedia, Investopedia, and other on-line dictionaries and encyclopedias

are not verifiable sources of reliable information, and should not be used in the Term paper.

Acceptable sources of the information are: research papers, newspaper articles, and books.

Please note that this is the course of microeconomics, so you should choose the concepts related



(not macroeconomics).

Possible concepts include:

taxes and consumer or producer surplus

demand, supply, and equilibrium price of a particular product

elasticity on a particular product

perfect competition and imperfect competition, such as monopolies

labor market, wages

income inequality

poverty and public policy

another topic selected by the professor

Format of the Paper:

Written projects must be:


typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, with margins no

wider than one inch


have footnotes or endnotes, with correct citations


have a bibliography of sources used


include, for each entry, the author, title, city and state of publisher, publisher’s name,

year, and page numbers


prepared using word processing software (Microsoft Word preferred), in a manner similar

to the preparation of a written assignment for classroom submission

The Term Paper must be posted to the LEO Student Assignments as a Attachments are limited to

a maximum two files in doc, docx., xls. xlsx., or rtf. formats. OTHER FORMATS ARE NOT

ACCEPTABLE, will not be reviewed or graded.

The Term Paper should be about 4-5 or more double-spaced typewritten pages (without tables

and graphs)

Please note that hand-written and scanned works, pdf. files, jpg. files, as well as files posted in

google drive, will not be accepted or graded.

The paper should be written in APA style Research Paper format.

Please note that Use of APA Citation Methodology is required for the assignm

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