Tentative Title: Relationship between Reading Comprehension and Reading Strategies use among Chinese Junior Middle School Students___15000words

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.

I already have the draft for the paper.

But needs amend it as the teacher said.

Thesis Title:

1. The title and content do not match, do not need to see the title, the tutor said the article, the title has, according to the whole article expression content flow.

Thesis level:



English education

Writing requirements:

1. Scope and Limitations 2. Research Problem

3. Research Questions 4. Definition of Related Terms

5. Conceptual framework, which needs to be modified.

These five parts are my tutor’s comments, especially RP and RQ.

.The second chapter, literature review, is relatively OK. You can improve it, especially if the theoretical framework is not, especially if the chart still needs to be revised.

3.The third chapter, method, is not enough, logic confusion, attentionSample Size Data Collection Procedure Data Analysis Ethical Considerations

(because I am also very confused about the method. I changed my tutor before. The tutor felt that there were many problems in these parts. I did a poor job in the icon aspect and there was no logic.

4. Questionnaire and interview revision.

Conclusion: the teacher can adjust my confused logic.You are a professional teacher. You can see many problems at a glance. Thank you.



[required] number of words:

Abstract + contents + text + references

The total number of words is about 1.5W

Writing language:

Chinese / English (Chinese / English papers, abstracts)

English Writing

Whether special requirements are needed: (additional money is required)

Such as modeling, simulation, SPSS data analysis, empirical analysis, regression analysis, ABAQUS, MATLAB, ANSYS finite element analysis, questionnaire survey, defense PPT and related software drawing

The qualitative and quantitative methods of my article are mixed. You can arrange the detailed methods by yourself. Because I am not good at qualitative and quantitative studies, you must have case interviews according to the situation of my article.

Whether the paper format requirements and model articles are for reference:

See writing format in PDF document

Number of references cited:

Including Chinese and English references

At least 20 more

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