( tele medicine major) Anytime, anyplace access to healthcare?

A significant thought or finding is not a blurb or quote, but should convey a summary of an issue or issues.

Issues/concepts/ideas to consider in your investigation may include but not be limited to:

1.  Does mobile really mean anytime access?

2.  Does mobile really mean anyplace access?

3.  Which services are more amenable to mobile/ubiquitous deployment?

4.  How much mobile technology time is spent in healthcare service/product consumption?

5.  Are there conditions that are more amenable to mobile/ubiquitous deployment?

6.  Does anytime/anyplace access measure up in terms of outcomes?

7.  What fraction of mobile/ubiquitous services and products are devoted to preventive efforts?

8.  What fraction of mobile ubiquitous services and products are devoted to monitoring and ongoing care?


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