Technology And Globalization

The essay titles are: “Technology went hand-in-hand with the rise of globalisation – but today’s innovations risk something worse” and “Ignore the pessimists – technology is still creating a more open and interconnected world economy”

Marking criteria for Summative Assessment

Knowledge and understanding

Does the essay demonstrate comprehension and application of knowledge and concepts delivered and discussed in the unit? Does the essay convey the results of independent research and reading? Does the essay apply issues and debates raised by wider global challenges (political, economic, social) to the practical concerns faced by businesses in the global business environment?

Argument and analysis

Does the essay present a coherent and logical analysis deploying themes and concepts from broader academic and policy debates? Does the analysis show evidence of a strong underpinning argument? Is the argument reinforced with reference to ideas and material covered in lectures, podcasts and readings?

Structure and style

Is the essay well written, with minimal mistakes in language, grammar and syntax? Does the essay show signs of effective planning and organisation, with a clear structure and argumentative/analytical flow between and within paragraphs? Is due credit given to the sources of ideas and evidence?

Formatting, referencing and deadline


Assignments should be formatted using Arial or Times New Roman font in size 12, double-spaced with normal margins.

Word limits

Each part of the assignment should be around 1500 words. There is no direct marks penalty for going below or above the recommended word count, but a failure to stick to the recommended word length may indicate the essay is overly concise or long-winded and may thus merit a lower mark.

References and bibliography

You will not be assessed on the presence or quantity of references and citations, but in order to avoid plagiarism, you must ensure that you give credit where elements of the argument are not your own. As such, just as in any Economist article, you should refer to a lecturer or author by name where you are drawing upon ideas or information from a lecture or text – e.g. ‘as Jon Beaverstock has argued…’, ‘as Jeremy Green writes in his book Is Globalization Over?…’, ‘as Pankaj Mishra has written…’.

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