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Part II Teaching Groups: Lesson Plan and Presentation: (25 points)

Teaching groups will be formed and these groups will function as teams in the planning and implementation of fitness activity lessons. Each group will prepare 1 lesson plan following a directed format. The lesson may come from the unit plan that has already been created. The lesson must demonstrate a knowledge of the subject matter covered and should include a very complete “lesson focus.” In aIDition, some type of assessment must be included within the lesson. Topics will cover a variety of sport and fitness activities that can be designed to support the development and maintenance of fitness such as: aerobics (step and other), circuits training, “sport” for fitness, etc. More information to come.

Each student will conduct some part of the lesson using any style of teaching. A lesson plan will accompany the lesson. These lessons should be highly interactive which means everyone will be participating. You should be very well prepared and knowledgeable about your topic. Part of an effective lesson includes having the appropriate materials ahead of time. You should plan to have read appropriate background material, to provide a stimulating lesson and to make a professional presentation. Use of technology is required in this lesson (either by you the instructor or by the students). Plan this lesson as one to be taught at the secondary level (grades 6-12).Each student will compose a reflection paper ( 2-3 paragraphs) indicating what areas of growth occurred throughout the process of developing a unit plan. This will be done on the “reflection” section of the COE lesson plan format.

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