TC The Hegemonic Masculinity

A 2 page Journal on The Hegemonic Masculinity Theory (A example Theory Journal is attached)

1) Identify ONE specific theory (The Theory we are using is Hegemonic Masculinity Theory by Messerschmidt (1993) (which is explained below) and the associated theorist(s) from the relevant course section, then summarize IN DETAIL how the theory explains deviant/criminal/criminal justice behavior. This should be your LONGEST section.

2) Provide a “tweet” summarizing Step 1 using only 144 characters (or less). You DO NOT actually have to tweet your summary or have a Twitter account. (Basically Summarize Step 1 in 144 words or less)

3) Create a concept map of the theoretical process that you described in Steps 1 & 2. (Example in PDF Below)

4) Provide access to your crime/criminal justice event that can be explained using the theory you selected. Write a brief summary of what occurred (~one paragraph) and then discuss IN DETAIL how the event might possibly be explained using the map you created in Step 3. (Please Choose any event you feel fits the Hegemonic Masculinity Theory (Messerschmidt 1993)

Current events (for Steps 4 & 5 only) must have occurred, OR been updated, within the last month or so (4-6 weeks). Events must have occurred within the United States. Please use only one article/website/video/audio source.

5) Identify or create and briefly discuss some criminal justice policies/practices based on your theory that could have prevented the current event you found for Step 4 above. The more policies/practices you discuss, the better

Messerschmidt (1993) argued that according to modern gender norms, men are supposed to demonstrate masculinity via employment & income

No longer about being bigger, stronger, tougher, etc.

But, if those routes are blocked, then some men turn to demonstrations of hyper-masculinity

The old school demonstrations of strength, toughness, competitiveness, etc.

Which can be associated with crime

And, sometimes even toxic masculinity, which is much more likely to lead to crime

Including violence, misogyny, homophobia

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