Tariq Ahmad’s business recorde

Tariq Ahmad’s business recorded the following transactions during the week ended 7 May. Show how they would appear in the Day Books, the personal ledgers (Receivables Ledger and Payables Ledger) and the General Ledger.

1 May Invoices received from C. Moss £630, J. Carter £419 and A. McKeane £330

 2 May Invoices sent to K. Palfrey man £199 and L. Patel £870

 3 May Invoice received from A. Iqbal £560 and A. McKeane £210

 4 May Tariq Ahmad returned goods worth £80 to J. Carter

 5 May L. Patel returned goods to Tariq Ahmad which cost £62

 6 May Tariq Ahmad paid the amount owing to J. Carter, and L. Patel paid in full

 7 May Tariq Ahmad returned goods worth £40 to A. Iqbal

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