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Thanks for your submission. Please see the comments below. Strong points include: Targeted population and issue Research was current and relevant to the issue.  I would have like to see more discussion on how and why your issue is tied to outcomes.  Here you could have elevated the discussion around the social determinants, environmental and other factors that may impact outcomes.  Additionally, more detail could have been provided on why the author used the method of research that was used in the article.   Your writing is consistent with scholarly and professional writing.


Special Challenges that Africans International Students Face in the United States.


In my study, I will employ qualitative research methodology to obtain perfect information concerning challenges which many African international students face in the United States. I will use the personal experience of these students so that I can have their feelings about what they undergo. Additionally, I will take part in their classrooms with the aim of establishing exactly what happened during classes. Through this, I will have employed participatory methods to ensure I achieve my goal of obtaining the right information. Also, I will use observation method since it goes hands in hand with other methods of collecting data. This is because it is evident that I will be able to observe students in classrooms as well. Observation will also be employed when they are giving their personal stories. Collectively, I will be able to assess the kinds of problems these students face.  Also, I will feel their emotions when narrating their personal experience.  Finally, I will use an interview to clarify all the information obtained from these learners to ensure I have the right information.

Literature View

Many African international students find themselves in numerous challenges during their studies in the United States. Some of them end up failing to complete their education because of these problems. To begin with, they face discrimination in academics, where most of them are awarded low grades only because they are Africans. Even though their assignments are correct just like their white colleagues. This problem has been persistent as many of African students are forced by their respective Universities to undertake radical classes, which is quite embarrassing. In addition to that, most African students feel discriminated when the lectures keep on referring to them as the poor people because of their background.   African international students face another critical problem of stereotyping. In this case, African international students are perceived by others as less human beings who do not have enough brains compared to their colleagues. Mostly many of the white students misunderstand the African culture and the students and perceived them as less superior. This kind of treatment makes African students feel frustrated because of that negative attitude towards them. Another major challenge is that of racism, where African students are discriminated because of their color. For instances, there are cases where the students from other races refuse to share group discussions with Africans only because they are black. Racism has grave consequences to the victims. There are situations where many African international students drop out of schools’ due to racial discrimination.  Others perform very poorly in assignments and class discussions because they have given up due to the discrimination. Finally, they end up being kicked out of universities due to awarding performance.  Moreover, there are problems of cultural differences between the white students and African students, this makes the Africans feel alienated.   African international students leave their family to study abroad where they are alone.  Finally, there is the problem of language because most Africans international students do not speak American English. They must learn how to pronounce certain words in American English which can take a longer period for them due to this being a new culture for them.

Qualitative Research.

I have selected qualitative research because of several reasons which include the following.  The qualitative research is always carried out in small groups which makes it more effective. This is because information can be classified through interviewing participants. Qualitative research is important, especially when dealing with complex issues.   It makes it easy to investigate the matter well. Qualitative research is critical to collect data that cannot be collected by any other research method. The researcher right to select information to include in the research. Additionally, qualitative research depends on the person contracting out the research which makes it flexible.  Qualitative research helps in building up new theories through creating different ways of understanding phenomena.

The study is part of my literature since it contributes to highlight some the issues affecting many international students coming to our country. To add on that immigration of students from African nations has drastically increased in the past few decades. It makes it easy for the authorities to focus on this issue.


Evivie, L.G. (December 2009). CHALLENGES FACED BY AFRAICAN INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AT A. A phenomenological case study., 21-98.

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