Take preventive measures against (COVID-19) Persuasive speech with providing 5 effective presentation slides

I’m working on a Communications question and need guidance to help me study.

– its required to write a persuasive speech full script about ” Take preventive measures against the pandemic (COVID-19)

– Word limit should be 600-700 words up to 750 words maximum , extra word is not accepted by my instructor

– The topic is ” Take preventive measures against the pandemic (COVID-19) ” but the title should be about a specific measure.

– Ethos, Pathos, Logos should be provided

– Use 2 references only up to 3 references maximum ( not more please ) , and should be referenced in APA style

– It’s also required to prepare 5 effective slides to support the speech , (attention-need-satisfaction-visualization-action) , slide per each part. >> each effective slides should contain picture and text

– I uploaded the template where you should fill it, it has all the instructions more detailed.

– Please check the rubric included in the template

And thank you.

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