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Answer these questions about the two short videos featured in Week 3. Put your answers into a new document and submit on the link provided for Assignment 5. You do not have to copy the questions. Answers can be brief (a couple of sentences on each question). There may be similar questions about these videos on the first midterm exam.

Video – Kahn Academy Water Cycle
1. Briefly explain what happens in these parts of the water cycle.
a.) Evaporation
b.) Condensation
c.) Precipitation
d.) Infiltration
e.) Run-off
2. How much water on the Earth is freshwater?
3. What are the sources of freshwater and what are their percentages?
4. What are the two places on Earth where water molecules have the longest residence times?
Video – California’s Water with Huell Howser – We All Live in a Watershed
1. What is your understanding of what a watershed is?
2. Where does the water in the watershed come from?
3. What are some ways that people use the water in the watershed?
4. Why did the gold miners in the 1850’s dig thousands of miles of diversion ditches in California?
5. What is the purpose of the water flumes?
6. Where will the water in the watershed ultimately end up?
7. What important things should we care about concerning our watersheds?
Response to Introduction to Water in California Reading Assignment pp. 24-36.
Write a one or two paragraph response to the question What Makes California’s “Normal” Weather Anything But “Average?” Your response should be between 100 and 200 words. Use your own words. No quotes, no citations! Read the passage carefully. Your response should show that you have a good understanding of what makes California’s weather unique.



Section 2  450-550 word count for each questions

1.450-550 word response. Your task is to pick two different terrorist organizations and explain which type of terrorism they possess and why. You may pick form the types of terrorism listed by your author (e.g. dissident, state, criminal, etc…). Please remember to use TWO different organizations to compare and contrast.

2. 450-550 word response. Please explain in what ways are hate crimes the same and/or different than terrorist related acts. In your response, please be sure to illustrate by using an example.

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