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t:Zo=500 Microwave Source z 1000 This is a simple Transmission-Line to carry Microwaves in the Ku-hand for Satellite TV transmission. This portion of the system is used to curry the Microwave signal to a small 10062 receiver on an earth station. Assume thist you barve recently been hired in the attic company is an RF Engineer and your job is to identify potential problems in the Transmission line hefore it is set for deployment. In this regard, you have In follow the following series of steps to finally give a clear chit in the given Transmission line. Q1. [CLO-3, PLO-2, C-4,5) Use a Smith Chart to analyze the Transmission line and tell if it would serve well for the connected load of 10X12. (a) Identify the problem via graphically showing the magnitude of standing waves within the Trusteission line (b) Offer the solution via simple electronic circuitry at the loud-side. Also diagnose the problem that would come with this solution. (c) Now offer a better solution by designing a matching network using “Lossless elements” (d) Feel free to use Smith Churt in either of the Impedance chart Admittance churt or combined mode. (e) Show the circuit diagramme of your designed matching network and prove that the characteristic impedance of Transmission line is now matched to the Load impedance (1) While choosing electronic equipment for your matching network, he mindful of choosing values that are practically feasible. For instance, Capacitors of pF are available in the market but those of mF are not manufactured . S# Attribute Justification Present in the Problem 1. Prvamble Yes The complex engineering problem requires in depth knowledge related to Transmission lines. 2. Range of conflicting Yes requirements: In the solution, the equipment chosen for matching network can be varying. Therefore, similar result can be achieved by more than one approaches, 3. Yes Depth of Analysis required: The solution requires analysis of the design parameters of matching networks. 4. Depth of Yes The problem requires in-depth engineering knowledge about the Transmission lines, Smith Chart and Matching networks. knowledge required: Familiarity issues: 5. or Yes Students have relevant background in the concepts and techniques to be used. 6. Extent of applicable No codes: The problem doesn’t violate the standards and codes of practice for professional Engineers. 7. Extent of Yes stakeholder Involved: Organization etulation is used to give students an insight of the impact on stakeholders) of their chosen solution of this CEP 8. Consequences: Yes Students will practice matching by using tools that are used in the field. Also, they will pructice decision muking and will learn how their chosen solution affects the final outcome. 9. Interdependence: Yes The sections (a) to (1) are subsequently interdependentt : Zo=500 Microwave Source z 1000 This is a simple Transmission-Line to carry Microwaves in the...

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