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I have posted the next assignment and material realted to chapter 3. There is a great deal of information in chapter 3 related to project management.

The new assignment is worth 225 points and is due in 2 weeks. (nothing late is accepted) You may make what ever assumptions you like with this assignment. But everything you need to complete it is contained in chapter 3 of the book.

You must be detailed in your work and as always, it must be done in a professional manner.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Systems Analysis and Design – 225 points

Project Management Assignment – Due Date -Sept 26

Information related to the requirements for this assignment can be found in Chapter 3 of your textbook

Assume that you are the Information Technology Manager at Robert Morris University. The Provost at the University has told you that the University has decided to start a program to provide laptop computers to all incoming freshman.

You may make whatever assumptions you like for this project. Some miscellaneous documents have been stored with the Chapter 3 link on blackboard that will be of help to you in completing this assignment.

You are to do the following concerning this project:

  • Define a scope statement for the project. This is the detailed overview of the project and will contain things such as exactly what is to be done, when it will be done and generally what it will cost.
  • Define a work breakdown structure (WBS) for this project. A WBS basically lists all work that must be done in the project (you must have at least 10 tasks that must be completed
  • Define a gant chart for activities defined in 2 above
  • Define a pert chart for the activities defined in 2 above
  • Define a budget for this project

Zip each of the 5 requirements into one file and upload the file to blackboard.

  • Why IT Projects Succeed
  • Project_Scope_Statement_TEMPLATE
  • ProjectVisionDocument
  • Scope info
  • Scope Statement

Upload your assignment to D2L

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