Suppose a Puerto Rico governme

Suppose a Puerto Rico government bond pays $ 3,255.80 within 4 years at 4% interest. Calculate the present value of the bond. Determine the value of the bond assuming it will mature in 6 years at 5% interest. (8 points)

4. Suppose the US Federal Reserve offers a bond for $ 635.20 at 8 years of maturity. You will not have to issue payments until the maturity date, at which point you will receive $ 950. Calculate the interest rate if you decide to buy it. Determine the interest rate if you can buy it at a price of $ 555. (6 points)

6. If an investor intends to double $ 25,000 by investing in a bank that pays 7% interest per year, determine the time it would take to double the investment. (4 points)

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