Summary of Good” f

Read Good by Bradley Philbert (127). When you are finished, make a list of attributes about the dominant impression you have about the narrator. This does NOT have to be in sentence form–it’s more like brainstorming.

Next, choose an item from your list which seems most accurate or appropriate as a description; then, re-read Good and look for words or phrases where you might have gotten that impression. Choose two to quote. See the example below.

Example: My dominant impression of Bradley Philbert in Good is that he feels guilty about putting his dying dog out of his misery. This impression is clear when he describes putting his dog put to sleep as a conspiracy, a betrayal, taking George home, knowing that twenty minutes after we arrived, a woman carrying a tackle box full of poison would be coming to end his life (129). He is also a person who goes to great expense to take care of his dog. This is clear in the description of George undergoing treatment in a hospital, all gauze and tubes, wrapped in a towel stuck inside a Plexiglas cage full of oxygen (128).

Note the MLA style citations which indicate the page number where the quote is taken.

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