Successful Change

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Initial discussion posts are due by end of day 4 (Thursday) for EVEN numbered courses (E.g. MSNV 600, 602, etc.). Two peer responses are due by end of day 7 (Sunday) for all courses. Postings are expected to be rich in content, display critical thinking, clinical reasoning, insight, and thorough analysis. The initial post should contain at least 2 current references within 5 years and 200-300 words. Responses to peers should have equal quality as described above and should contain 1 current reference within 5 years and 100-150 words. Initial post and two responses are posted for a total of three separate days

The reading this week focuses on culture and its role in the functioning of the organization. In order for a nurse leader to have a complexity perspective then an understanding of the organizational culture must be undertaken. In Complexity Theory one of the keys to successful change is identifying the positive deviants that can be employed in the change process.


In your own words how would you describe/ define Positive Deviance? Think about a time when you or your organization sought to make changes. Can you identify a positive deviant in the process? Describe why you believe this individual is (was) a positive deviant? What role did this person play in the change process? Provide specific examples.