SUCC Environmental Science Excavations and Trenching Safety Analysis HW

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Watch the video and answer the questions on the attachment.


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Name:______________________(2 pts) Questions over Excavations & Trenching Safety Link to video: detail&mid=05517A374B15DA18666205517A374B15DA186662&FORM=VIRE Each question is worth 1 point except questions # 7, 9. 10, 13 & 16. Those are worth the points indicated. 1. Who does the narrator say was killed in a trenching accident (someone he knew). ___ ________________ 2. Define excavation. 3. What is the Competent person supposed to do? 4. What is the leading cause of death in excavation work? 5. How many trench collapses occur in the US per year? 6. ________ minutes without oxygen can cause brain damage. 7. What are the 5 factors that can impact soil and cause a collapse? (5 pts) 8. Chances of a trapped worker being killed can be as high as ______%. 9. List the factors that are a visible warning sign of a potential wall collapse. (3 points) 10. List the types of cave in (four are discussed in the video). (4 points) 11. What type of soil it the most stable? ___________________________ 12. What type of soil is the least stable? _____________________________ 13. A device that can be used to document the type of soil, is called a pocket _____________. (2 pts) 14. A registered Professional Engineer must design the protective systems for excavations that are more than _____ feet deep. 15. Shoring structures are usually made of ____________ or ___________________. 16. In the video, what are the other 6 safety & health hazards that must be considered in a trenching worksite? (6 points) 17. What is the minimum distance that must be maintained from overhead power lines? 18. Ladders used for egress must extend at least ______ feet above the level of the landing. 19. Chains used for lifting must be grade ____ or better? 20. Before anyone enters a trench – deeper than 4 feet or a confined space what must the competent person do? 21. Would be rescuers represent over _______% of confined space fatalities 22. Near the end of the Video, the narrator states, When in doubt _______________. 2. …
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