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Here is the information Jordan has found about several different arson charges.

  • Arson in the first degree: Intentional fire damage to a building which results in serious injury or was done with an expectation of a benefit from the fire and a disregard for potential injury. (Class A felony, 20 years to life sentence)
  • Arson in the second degree: Intentional fire damage to a building when someone else is present in the building. (Class B felony, 5–25 year sentence)
  • Arson in the third degree: Intentional fire damage with no reason to believe the fire would endanger others. (Class C felony, 3.5–15 year sentence)
  • Arson in the fourth degree: Reckless fire damage to a building. (Class E felony, 1.5–4 years)

Jordan now believes whoever set the fire will be found guilty at trial and sent to jail for at least 20 years.

Although you hate to dash Jordan’s hopes, explain to Jordan why that outcome is unlikely.

Question Text:

Read the journalist’s notes about the series of crimes in the other town. Then, in your notes, organize the information by listing all the crimes committed and noting whether each one is a property crime or a violent crime. You can use the table provided as a guide.

Journalist’s Notes:

Within the span of three months, several homes on one side of town have been broken into during the day. No one is ever home at the time, and numerous high value items have been stolen. Additionally, three local businesses have been broken into at night after closing. Cash was stolen from the safes in two of the businesses. The third business is a hardware store and several expensive tools were stolen. During this time period, two bicycles and one all-terrain vehicle were also stolen while left outside unattended; it is unclear if these thefts were committed by the same offender(s) breaking into homes and businesses.

Finally, two disturbing incidents occurred in the midst of these crimes.

First, a man with a gun forcefully pushed a man who was stopped at a red light off of his motorcycle. The gunman then hopped on the motorcycle and sped off.

Second, two women got into an altercation in the mall parking lot when one woman accused the other of stealing her parking spot. The angry woman parked her truck behind the other woman’s car, blocking it in. She then proceeded to kick and hit the other woman for several minutes before grabbing a baseball bat from her truck and hitting the other woman in the back with it. She then smashed the windshield and drove off.

Description of Criminal Act Type of Crime Property Crime or Violent Crime
Example: Two bicycles were stolen outside when no one was around. Larceny Property

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