Students will need to consider a research problem in Information Technology or Information Systems. The problem could arise from many different fields, for example, medical, business, science, engineering, hospitality, banking etc …

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The overall marks are to be allocated as follows (as per the Unit Descriptor)

Assessment Component Weighting Hurdle

Research Proposal 20%

Research Report 60% Yes

Presentation 20% Yes

The breakdown of the above components into deliverables and weeks are given in Table 1:

Table 1 Unit of Study Deliverables

Component Weight Deliverable Deliverable



Research Proposal

Research Question 5

} Research question/ abstract 10 3

Abstract 5

Full Proposal 10 Full proposal 10 5

Research Paper

Full Abstract 5

}Introduction/ full abstract 15 7

Introduction 10

Literature Review 20

Concept Map 5 8

First Page 5 9

Full Literature Review 10 10

Methodology 15 First Page 5 11

Methodology 10 12

Full Submission 10 Full submission 10 13

Presentation 20 20 14Below is a brief explanation of each of the deliverables including submission guidelines and

deadlines, though the deadlines have already been given in the Table 1 above.

Research Question and Abstract ( 10 Marks Due session 3)

The research question lies at the heart of your research project. After considering a research

problem (whatever the field of study) from there you will develop the research question. We will

discuss formulating research questions in session one and two, but within the research problem the

research question focuses specifically on one aspect of the problem that you will undertake as part

of the research programme. There are many ways to present the research question, and these will

be discussed during the sessions.

Along with the presentation of the Research question, you will also provide an abstract. An abstract

at this stage is a carefully written single paragraph which succinctly describes the background and

research problem that is being investigated by the researcher. The general approach can also be

outlined here. The format of the abstract will be discussed in the first two sessions.

Submit your assignment in one document file by the due date and time to the assignment drop-


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