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Altruistic  CSR or Strategic CSR? Provide scholarly examples to explain your answer

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      Altruistic  CSR goes above and above the minimum criteria that each company must  meet. Although an act of altruistic CSR might not directly help the  firm, at least not as the project’s primary goal, most actions of CSR do  have a beneficial knock-on impact for companies. Consider the following  examples, and a business chooses to hold a fundraiser for a nearby  charity. Employees participate in various activities, including a  non-uniform day, a lottery, and a cake sale. A sum of money is gathered,  and an official from the charity comes to the business to take the  check. This event may have cost the company money, lost person-hours  from staff participating in the event, and no direct influence. Still,  the indirect effect may be far: the employees will have fun, which will  improve morale. The employees will feel as if they have accomplished  something significant. The employees will be grateful that their boss  cares enough regarding a charity to place on an event like this (Romani et al., 2012).                  Strategic  CSR is a well-thought-out act of CSR that has a direct and predictable  impact on the company. This form of CSR is done largely because of its  impact on the company’s bottom line. Depending on the desired objective,  the sorts of actions involved might be fairly diverse, and they could  be begun as a direct response to an external issue. For example, a  newspaper offers a negative review of a company’s environmental goals.  As a result, the corporation takes energy-saving measures across the  board and issues a press release describing its efforts. They also have a  high-profile opening day scheduled for a small society recycling center  on their property, and they plan to have a celebrity open it. As  expected, they get a lot of attention. Morale is poor, and staff  turnover is high. The company isn’t retaining its employees for long  enough, activity isn’t getting done, and it can’t afford to raise  salaries across the board (Shim et al., 2017).                  In  conclusion, altruistic CSR is more ethical because it infringes on  investor property rights, illegally steals stockholder wealth, as well  as bestows advantages for the public good at the expense of people for  whom the business should care in intimate connections (Srisuphaolarn, 2013). I need 150 words reply whether you agree or not for the discussion post

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 Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the various activities that a 

company carries out in its efforts to achieve social benefits. In other 

words, it involves all the activities that companies engage in to 

support their stakeholders. It is divided into altruistic and strategic.

 In altruistic CSR, the focus is on benefiting the stakeholder more than

 the company (Srisuphaolarn, 2013).

 Here, the company will engage in those activities that are meant to 

benefit stakeholders more than itself. On the other hand, strategic CSR 

is involving activities that benefit the company more than its 

stakeholders. Looking

 at the two, I can say that altruistic CSR is more ethical. Here, the 

company will engage in projects that are meant to improve the well-being

 of its customers and other stakeholders. It is ethical when a company 

is actively involved in improving the living standards of its customers (Ghillyer, 2012).

 For example, a company can send some of its employees to be part of a 

road construction project for free. The company will not demand anything

 in return, but it will spend its resources to ensure that the project 

succeeds. Not

 all companies can send employees to participate in community projects. 

This interferes with the normal operations of the company. However, 

those that make this sacrifice understand the code of ethics which 

requires them to ensure that their customers are safe at all times. 

Other than being ethical, altruistic CSR can help a company to attract 

more customers since the members of the public will believe that the 

company is concerned with their wellbeing. 

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