statecraft final paper 3 full pages

This paper is supposed to be deeper/more reflective than your weekly memos. Think about the whole Statecraft experience and relate it to what you have learned this semester. THINK BIG – themes, theory, other tools from IR that you can use to describe, explain, predict…etc. Make sure you do the following in 3 full pages. Anything less will be deducted points

1) What did you learn from Statecraft? Relate it to International Relations as much as you can. Use your book, notes, and other resources. But it should be reflective…don’t just write definitions from the book.

—-can you relate Statecraft to real life current events – not just topics we learned about from the book, can you make connections from real life to the simulation?

—-what major themes emerged? what are your big takeaways?

2) (after you are done with your 3 full pages, If there are any other final comments you would like to make about Statecraft and your experience, please also include these at the very end. Likes/Dislikes, what should we do different next time, etc..

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