State X has a “Sunday Closing

State X has a “Sunday Closing Law” making it a crime to operate a retail business on Sundays. The law’s legislative history reveals that it was enacted to promote respect for the Sabbath by all the people of the state, and thus to promote public decency and morality. One Sunday, Judy Smith slips on a puddle of spilled soft drink at Joe’s Hamburger joint (which is operating in violation of the statute), and suffers an injury to her spine. Judy sues Joe in negligence. One count of her complaint relies on the doctrine of negligence per se. Under this count

Donald has negotiated a contract with Bev to install vinyl windows for Bev’s home. They orally agreed that the windows would be vinyl clad and have an energy rating of R16 (the highest rating available). The written contract was executed by both parties. When the windows were delivered they were labeled R8 (the medium grade energy rating). The actual written contract specifically called for R8 windows. Bev sues Donald for breach of contract and seeks to introduce a salesman from Donald’s company to prove the windows were supposed to be R16 rated. Most likely:

Jim, a used car dealer, is asked by phone by Buyer to keep the offer to sell a car open for 3 weeks and he agrees. The price is $4,000. Jim sells the car to another person for $5,000 two weeks later. In this case

Moe, Larry and Curly have formed a general partnership. Moe contributed 40% of the partnership capital and Larry and Curly 30% each. Due to poor management they have quickly run up $3 million in debt. If their creditor sues

Susan is hired to manage a business with the authority to make contracts that are reasonably necessary for conducting the business. This is called:

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