Stakeholder theory suggests th

Stakeholder theory suggests that ethical corporate behavior should:

Barb, a doctor, hires Mike, an accountant, to balance Barb’s accounts. Barb is dissatisfied with the work and sues Mike, alleging negligence. Mike may successfully defend against the suit by proving that

Strict product liability applies to

What is the basic remedy in cases of Fourth Amendment violations?

Private Investigator, Bill, asked Mary, a computer technician for Lew’s Fine Jewelry, whether she noticed anything unusual in the company’s records. Mary says “no, but I can look into this for you”. Bill says, “if you wouldn’t mind, make a thumb drive copy of any unusual entries”. Mary does so. At the tax fraud trial the digital copies are introduced and authenticated through Mary as a witness and the defense attorney for Lew’s objects to the admission of the evidence. Most likely the court will.

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