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Question B

Choose (3) internal selection factors that you believe would be most reliable for promoting employees within an organization. Next, describe (2) reasons why an individual should consider these (3) factors when promoting employees within an organization. Justify your response.

Based on the case study Changing a Promotion System (Pg. 531 – Pg. 532), determine what you believe are the (3) primary weaknesses in BioGlass Inc.’s promotion policy. Next, describe (2) solutions to address the identified weaknesses. Then, provide (1) method for preventing similar problems in the future. Support your rationale with specific examples of such strategies.

Please respond to classmate initial post whether you agree or disagree and please explain your decision: What I find to be internal factors for promoting employees are seniority experience, job knowledge, and past performances. Seniority experience takes it a little further than the number of years with a company. It looks at the type of experience a person has performed, like training programs, areas worked, and activities or tasks performed. It can also take into consideration a person’s educational background. But overall, a person’s teachability. Job knowledge acts on a person preparedness of skills needed to execute a particular job. It relies on the ability and opportunity to learn. Past performances are indicators of future performances and future elements of job similarities of the past an in this case, it was not. Leadership was overlooked in this promotion.

In the case of Bioglass Inc., they looked at the level of seniority but not the type of past performance. This topic takes on a broader meaning. Although job performance is easily acquired for internal applicants, management did not evaluate the experience. They need to do a better job in the assessment of the cognitive ability and to top it off, there was no pre-training as to what is expected in a manager’s position. My recommendation is to provide a managerial sponsorship to give him a more valuable developmental experience or support.V

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