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Create and share a vision for your organization that incorporates quality as part of the culture.

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As a coding supervisor in the health information management department of a Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) my focus is always on providing the veterans with a accurate and complete trail of their medical history as well as ensure proper reimbursement for services rendered by our physicians. At my facility we are having a major issue with unsigned and un-cosigned medical record notes. This means that health care providers are not receiving credit for their work performed as well as the health care organization not receiving reimbursement for these services. The VAMC, as a federal entity coding and reimbursement are a bit different. Providers are salaried at VAMC’s and that has both advantages and disadvantages. “Shared vision is an important process for change projects, serving to amplify success, increase participation, and erode the divide between project leaders and constituents” (Doten-Snitker, et al., 2021). My shared vision for my facility would be for all to understand the importance of accurate and complete medical record documentation. This is a safety measure for the patient and for the health care providers that treat them.

James 1:12 of the English Standard Version reads “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him” (ESV, 2002). Health care providers are a special group of people. They see countless patients a day and treat them with respect and attention. They have remained steadfast through the adversity of COVID-19. My vision is not to criticize what the health care providers are not doing, but instead to try and make sure that there services are properly documented. “Clinical record keeping is an integral component in good professional practice and the delivery of quality healthcare” (Mathioudakis, et al., 2016).

As our text point out one flaw in thinking of organizational change and that is strategic planning. Even the best ideas will require planning so that the organization can implement the change in an incremental way as to not disrupt the process of the organization (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2019). A project manager needs to thoroughly think out the plan and include stakeholders that may offer feedback and/or suggestions that help to implement the plan appropriately. It may also be beneficial to include those the change will affect or will carry out the change. These individuals will provide a perspective that may not be previously thought about. They also can help provide or give feedback on realistic time frames for implementation. As the saying goes it takes a village, and change within an organization will definitely take a village.

reply two

Creating a vision for an organization that incorporates quality as part of the culture of the organization first begins with defining what an organizational vision statement is and what it involves. Typically an organization will have multiple vision statements to fully encompass their goals and which specific ideas they would like to focus on to draw the members of the organization together. The vision statement will also share how the organization is expected to achieve the goals involved in the vision statement. Eldor (2020) states that a shared vision can be a strategic organizational resource that can create and improve the organizations capability of collective engagement.

Gulati, et al., (2016) share that many organization face a decline in effectiveness when they have a lack of a clear vision, which is why it is important for organizations to have a vision that is action oriented and innovative while also considering the values of the organization. Some organizations may have vision statements that consist of ideas such as being a one of the leading healthcare organizations or being the best and first option patients pick among healthcare providers. In the text Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt (2019) share the importance of creating a shared vision within the organization because the involvement of the team is valuable in success. Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt (2019) provide further that creating a shared vision between the leaders and the team will allow everyone involved to provide input which in turn creates more investment in the vision for the organization.

If I were to need to create an organizational vision that incorporated quality as part of the culture I may create a vision that states: Our vision is to become a leading healthcare organization by providing quality care to patients, which will be accomplished by listening to patient feedback, teamwork, and incorporating cutting edge research into our medical practice. I would use this vision to incorporate a culture of quality because one way to provide quality care is to find out what type of care the patient is expecting to be able to meet those expectations. Teamwork is important to state in a vision because for any type of organization is meant to succeed then everyone has to work as a team instead of working off an individual mentality. Lastly, I would suggest cutting edge research because you should continue to move forward to utilize the best possible care options for patients and that can’t be done without vast research, and through research you can provide information to patient to allow them to make an informed decision as well.

1 Corinthians 11:1-2 ESV states “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ. Now I commend you because you remember me in everything and maintain the traditions even as I delivered them to you”. I feel this verse relates because we should remember Christ in all things and that includes visions for organizational success. As we create a vision statement or even in a mission statement, we should place value on Christ-like qualities and how we can share those traits with others, while also using our discernment to determine what is of God and not just follow things of this world.

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St Petersburg College Organiz

I’m working on a business writing question and need guidance to help me understand better.

To: Organizational Behavior Expert

From: CEO
Re: Case Analysis

I am consulting you on this situation, individually, for your expert advice. We have been approached by a large restaurant franchise that is having trouble staying competitive in the casual dining market. This client’s performance had been slipping, employees are becoming disengaged. As part of their strategy to stay competitive, the company has strategically decided to add a line of upscale food and alcoholic beverages to their menu. The CEO of this company has asked for our consultation services. She knows that to make the new strategy work she will need the full support of the employees from the servers up through the ranks to the managers and supervisors.

The employees range in age from 18 to 46.  The experience levels of the employees range from newly hired to six years at this particular restaurant. Each employee has their food handling permit but none have a bartender’s license.  There are three (3) shifts from the clean-up crews that start after the restaurant closes in the evening, the food preparers that start in the early morning hours, and over-lapping shifts of servers, hostesses, and bussers that work the hours that the restaurant is open to the public.  All employees were trained in promoting customer relations, as well as their particular job function, when they first started with the company, without additional training thereafter. Some of the employees are looking elsewhere for positions that offer career advancement and motivation. The building is in the older part of the city but is maintained well.  There is ample parking space and lighting available. The restaurant atmosphere has not been updated since the restaurant opened 10 years ago and the menu has remained the same.  There have been a few price increases to offset the increase in operating costs of food, utilities, and rent.


On your own, (not with your team) please advise the CEO as to how she should lead the company to successfully implement the new strategy. Using the material from the course, I would like you to:

1. Explain to her why there is more than one way to be an effective leader; and

2. Provide her with 2 different leadership styles (See below – choose 2 styles) you suggest she could use. Be sure to use headings in your paper and explain why you chose these leadership styles; and

3. Identify one leadership style (from the list below) that would be the least effective and  Be sure to use headings in your paper and explain why you chose this leadership style. 

  • Transactional Leadership
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Passive Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership.  

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St Petersburg College Organiz

Research and write a paper where you will review an organization that you find needs to implement a change. Your paper will analyze the organization, identify its problems that make it ripe for a change, and apply a change theory. 

1. Locate 3 peer reviewed journal articles that discuss organizational change and organizational change model. (Limit your change model discussion to the two change models identified in the text in Chapter 16: Lewin and Kotter). This will require research using library data bases. Note your text does not count toward the 3 peer reviewed articles. You can use Google Scholar or the Library resources to locate the 3 peer reviewed articles.

2. Topic: Start by locating an organization that has experienced a problem or event that has a significant effect on the organization. Review news reports, newspapers or business periodicals such as National Public Radio, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week or the New York Times. You will need to use 3 references for this part.

3. Write a 5-8 pages with the following headings and discussing:
     a. Definition and discussion of Organizational Change.
     b. Why this organization was chosen: Identification of the organization and its problems
     c. Identification of Organizational Change Models.
     d. Choose the best of the 2 Change Models (Lewin or Kotter) and apply it to the Organization. This is best done using a step by step approach.
     e. Provide a brief (2 paragraphs) overview of a Change Management Plan to explain the monitoring  and progress reporting during the implementation of this plan.

4.  Include a reference page with headings as follows:
      a.  Peer Reviewed Articles: (Include three peer reviewed journal articles that discuss organizational change and organizational change model).
      b.  News/Business Periodicals: (Include three references to newspapers or business periodicals that discuss the topic/organization you have chosen to review and its problems)

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