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ADR IN HEALTHCARE MALPRACTICE:ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSThe ADR in Healthcare Malpractice: Annotated Bibliography and the ADR in Healthcare Malpractice: Research Paper are related assignments that require you to research and write a review of the existing literature and, then, develop the information from your sources into a research paper. Both your research and the paper will explore the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in healthcare, including options for Bible-based dispute resolution, focusing on the issues raised in using ADR to resolve malpractice claims without, or limiting, litigation. The paper will ask you to make recommendations in your field and facility, but the larger focus should be ADR and malpractice.In the ADR in Healthcare Malpractice: Annotated Bibliography Assignment, identify and discuss at least ten scholarly sources relevant to the topic, other than the Learn materials and the Bible. At least two of the sources must relate to your particular area of practice in healthcare (physician, nurse, allied health professional [be specific], administration, etc.), and at least two of the sources must relate to biblical worldview considerations of the topic. You are not required to use all these sources in your ADR in Healthcare Malpractice: Research Paper, and you may use other sources not reported here. The ADR in Healthcare Malpractice: Annotated Bibliography Assignment documents your background on this topic and provides a snapshot of your research and analysis for the paper.Compose your annotated bibliography in a Word document, and include the following:Identification, Title: Create an APA-formatted title page, running headers, and page numbers. No abstract is needed.Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the topic and findings of the Annotated Bibliography. Identify your area of practice.Sources: List your sources in alphabetical order by author. For each source, provide a full citation in current APA format (as it would appear in the reference list of your Research Paper); then, provide (i) a brief description of the content and (ii) how this source is relevant to your paper.Analysis: Discuss what conclusions you have drawn from reviewing the literature so far. Where might the discussion proceed as you write your Research Paper?

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