sports managment major please let me know if you need more information

I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

I am doing internship and could you please answer this question.

About my internship
Name of Internship Site:__prince William inc________14716 minnieville rd __________________________________________

Address:____woodbridge______VA. 22193

In my internship (courage Development Program )we training kids 7 and 8 years boys and girls in soccer. We train them how to score and move with a ball. Please answer the questions below based what I wrote for you let me know if you want more information

Directions: Type the following 5 questions and your responses on a separate page(s) and attach to this form.

1. Description of the agency/organization.

2. What are your 5 goals related to the internship?

3. Why do you think this internship site will help you meet your goals?

Give specific examples from your interview and from the 14-week


4. Do you have any reservations at all regarding this internship (location,

personalities, expectations, etc.)?

5. What can you contribute to the agency/organization?

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