SPHE413 Sports Marketing

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For this week’s assignment, please visit the Sports Market Analytics database (formerly named SBRnet) available from the APUS Online Library, in order to research a variety of media and sponsorship data related to the sport industry. Directions for accessing the database are as follows:

  1. Make sure you are signed into your APUS account.
  2. Go to: https://www.apus.edu/apus-library/online-research/search/articles-databases-a-z.html
  3. Click on the “S,” which should reveal several options
  4. Click on SBRnet (Sports Business research Network) – 6th bullet down
  5. In the top left corner of the page, you will see a topics called “Fan Markets.”
  6. Please click on the “Brand Share” link.
  7. The information on the Brand Share Page represents share of market data for a variety of industries. To access the topics in black text, click on the blue hyperlink that reads “All Fans.” Please review the topics and select one as the basis for this week’s assignment.

For your assignment, please respond to the following scenario. You have been selected to market the product or service you selected. You must complete a PowerPoint presentation that explains the product, price, place, and promotion you are marketing for this sport product. For example, if you selected to research basketball shoes, then your job is to describe a specific type of basketball shoe to market (this can be factual or fictional, but realistic), describe the price for this product, describe the place involved with marketing and selling this product, and a promotional strategy to market the product. Data for the basis of your assignment can be found in different links on the Market Analytics Research homepage.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be at least 15 slides in length. The presentation should include visuals, but mostly consist of content and data to demonstrate proficiency and knowledge in sport marketing and sport marketing research. The “Notes” section of the PowerPoint presentation should be used to provide more clarity and act as a script to explain your presentation in further depth and detail. APA reference style is required with at least three (3) scholarly references provided. Please remember that all references should be correctly cited in the text.

The file name of your submitted assignment should be titled – “Your Last Name Week 2 Assignment.” For example, a person with the last name Smith would submit a file that reads: Smith Week 2 Assignment. Remember to include an APA formatted title page and reference page with your submission (see the “APA Style Guide” button on the left side of the course navigation panel). Avoid typing your entire assignment in the text box provided within each assignment, or submitting your assignment as a .pdf file.

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