sound advice case study

    Note that it must be 4-6 pages, however this number doesnt include graph or any other table.


    The Title page lists the team member and names of the team in alphabetical order, along with the title of the case analyzed. 10
    The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and discusses the problem being analyzed and the main issues that apply to the case. 20
    The Analysis and the Evaluation part is comprehensive, accurate, and/or persuasive. Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically. Your report should not be just a sequence of questions and answers. You are expected to tie the concept together to fashion a cogent report. 50
    The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the case, and reviews the major points. 40
    Writing is clear, concise, free of errors, and follow the APA format. All sources are cited. 25
    Case analysis report and Team evaluation form are submitted for grade by 11;59 p.m. on the Friday of Unit 8. 15
    Total 160

Unit 1: Case Study Presentation


In Unit 2 of this class you will receive an email assigning you to a specific team for this Case Study assignment. In that same email you should find information as to which case your team has been assigned. The Case Study Presentation is due in Unit 7.

You should begin work on the Case Study as soon as possible by making initial contact with your fellow team members. The names and email addresses will be provided in the email you receive in Unit 2 concerning the Case Study. In addition, each team will have a private work area to use for collaboration.

Review the specific requirements for your case shown at the end of the Case Study material found in the MBA 615 Case Book, Pearson Custom Library.

Project Requirements

You and your fellow team members are to present a proposal that specifically meets the requirements of case assigned. Your proposal should be from 4 – 6 pages not including title page, reference section or appendix material, double spaces formatted with Times Roman 12 pt. Your team should begin the finished presentation with a title page listing each member of your group. The Case Study must follow APA rules in structure and presentation.

While your Case Study should be presented in written narrative format it is expected that appropriate charts, graphs and tables maybe a part of your presentation. The charts, graphs and tables should, however, be included as appendix material and appropriately referenced within the body of your Case Study material. Do not include the charts, graphs and tables within the body of your presentation directly.

If any team member does not actively contribute to the finished project on a timely basis it is expected that team member’s name will not be included on the Case Study title page and that team member will not receive any credit for this assignment. The instructor reserves the right to poll each team member to verify whether members actively contributed to the Case Study on a timely basis before assigning individual grades for this assignment.

Team Project Due Date

By 11:59 p.m., Sunday of Unit 7 compile and submit the team members’ findings in a report of four to six pages (not including the title page or the reference section) as a Microsoft Word document, double-spaced, in Times Roman 12 pt font. There should be only one (1) completed Case Study for each team and the completed proposal should be submitted to the assignment page in Unit 7. Your report should be your own—original and free from plagiarism. Make sure to follow current established APA.

Other notes professor provided the team.

Case Study: Sound Advice

    • Need Thesis Statement (Facts) should reflect your analysis and reasoning
    • 6-8 pages to include answering the questions in the Case Study scenario (from the book)
    • Business decision making choices and why? (show the steps clearly, concise, and timely)
    • What are the risk analysis? And how to avoid them? Resulting how?
    • Discuss the cost analysis using graphs and charts
    • Explain your rationale for your decisions in your Conclusion

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