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1. Identify a failed brand extension. Explain what the key factor was in this failure.


2. What are the elements of the course advertising project outline that you witnessed in the General Electric video? Explain the synergies that GE’s marketing management has created as a product of its decision making in executing its marketing selections. General Electric

As you view the video, consider all the Chapter 21 trademark concepts and terms that apply as the company boldly broadened its upscale white goods, product line extension with Profile and Monogram entries. Please note that the famed industrial manager, Jack Welch, proved his mettle with GE in the appliances division before being named CEO. With Korean brand, LG, and other very large and well-funded East Asian white goods companies, there is now even greater competition than ever. What elements of Chapter 22, “The Complete Campaign,” do you recommend to GE for existing as well as future lines? This too may be your ticket to an executive-level marketing position with one of the world’s premier industrial conglomerates.

3. What are Apple Computer, Inc.’s tools, messages, and timing of promotion, especially in relation to its innovation and new product rollout? Please identify and explain in detail. Be sure to cite your sources throughout the body of your work as well as your reference section so that all may review for better understanding

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