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Discussion 1 (a) Writing a grant starts with laying out the design of the project you wish to fund and then laying out the details of your plan for others to review. The guidelines for writing a grant proposal will vary depending on its purpose. Larger federal grants often require much lengthier and more detailed proposals than a smaller state-funded grant. Your proposal will be evaluated on how well it is written and on the research methodology design (which you learned about in your earlier research course). To be awarded larger grants, you will need to use rigorous experimental designs testing different treatment groups. For smaller grants, you may employ pre-experimental or quasi-experimental designs.

The process of finding funding sources may vary depending on what is available at the time you are searching. A good tip is to begin your search with well-known government agencies, which may lead you to programs and other agencies that provide funds.

For this Discussion, you identify different funding sources for social work and explain why grants are important to the social work profession.

  • Identify different grant sources for social workers.
  • Explain how to identify a fundable topic.
  • Explain why grants are important to social work.
  • Recommend a source that your colleague could search for a grant.
  • Discussion 1(b) Understanding Evaluation ResearchEvaluations of programs are conducted for a variety of practical reasons: to aid in decisions concerning whether programs should be continued, improved, or expanded and to assess the utility of new programs and initiatives. As a social worker, you are charged with the duty to do “the least amount of harm” to the people with whom you work, and understanding program evaluation will help you.Many programs continue with their effectiveness unquestioned because they either sound good or it seems like there is no reason they would not be effective. For example, the program Scared Straight is promoted to be effective at deterring at-risk youth from going further into the criminal system. In this program, at-risk youths are confronted by current inmates and “scared” into stopping their criminal behavior. However, these programs have been shown to increase crime up to 28% because the youths want to emulate the prisoners. Also, some young people in the program have reported that adult inmates sexually propositioned them and tried to steal their belongings (Petrosino, Turpin-Petrosino, Hollis-Peel, & Lavenberg, 2013).For this Discussion, you explain the importance of evaluation research, describe how evaluation research is important to social work, and explain the differences between formative and summative program evaluation.

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    • Explain the importance of evaluation research in social work research.
    • Describe one use of evaluation research in social work research.
    • Explain the difference between formative and summative evaluation research.
    • Explain how evaluation research connects with social work ethics.

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